Indo-Guyanese Women Poets

Footnotes for “I am Brown”

Stanza One
Sugar: Understood in conjunction with “plantation,” Surujnath could be further highlighting the canfields that Indian indentured laborers worked on.

Stanza Two 
Chutney: Dip, sauce, or side dish that is made with fruits, vegetables, and spices. In guyana, Chutney may also be used to refer to the popular music genre or  Sour, which is a spicy mango blend. 

Stanza Three 
Bowl-shaped drum hung from the neck and hit with two wooden sticks. Popular in Trinidad and Tobago. 
Dhal: Slow boiled lentils (split peas) combined with Indian spices. Typically served over rice. 
Jhal: Puffed spicy snack.

Stanza Four
Bhajans: Musical genre (or musical band) that incorporates spiritual and religious references into their songs. 

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