Indo-Guyanese Women Poets

Footnotes for "Babu"

Stanza One 
Logie: Long, one-story homes that indentured laborers lived in during British indenture (est. 1850s to 1917)
Babu: Refers to an Indian man, could be an endearing term. Sometimes stylized as “Baboo.”
Canefield: Indian indentured laborers were brought to the Caribbean to work on canefields.

Stanza Two 
Leering blue eyes: Perhaps in conjunction with “whiplash,” the mentioning of these eyes could refer to the British field owners who abused individuals who were indentured. 

Stanza Three 
Immigrant ships: Mahadai Das mentions a few of these ships that brought over the indentured peoples: Whitby and Hesperus.
Barrack confinements: Poorly constructed and badly ventilated rooms given to enslaved peoples and then to the indentured peoples once slavery was abolished in 1834.

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