Indo-Guyanese Women Poets

About Rajkumari Singh

Born in Georgetown, Guayana in 1923, Rajkumari Singh was a prolific poet, playwright, and activist. Her poems “No More Kitchree for the Groom” and “Babu” are included on this website, with the former being one of her most known poems. Jeremy Poynting, the founder of Peepal Tree Press, notes that her works catalyzed the imaginative articulations of Indo-Caribbean feminisms. In addition to her advocacy, her poems follow the history of British indentureship, political regimes, and Guyana’s landscape. Although Singh unfortunately passed in 1979, her work continues to be recognized for its beauty and depth. Her poetic legacy inspires younger generations of Indo-Caribbean writers, with festivals, workshops, and even a multi-arts center in Richmond Hill, New York City bearing her name.


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