Indo-Guyanese Women Poets

Footnotes for “No More Kitchree for the Groom”

Stanza One 
Sindoor: Traditional red powder used in the middle part of an Indian bride’s hair. 

Stanza Two
Costlier, more lucrative gifts: In reference to how Indian men hyper-sexualize the bodies of women and feminine appearing folx. 
Brothel: Place for men to engage in sexual activities with prostitutes. 

Stanza Three
Sasur (ससुर): Translated from Hindi, sasur means “father-in-law.”
Kanyadaan: Literal translation from Hindi is “gift,” but it also means “giving away the bride.” 
Lucre: Money

Stanza Four
Maro: Possibly referring to the bamboo-tent used for Hindu weddings. Also known as “mandap.”

Stanza Five
Kitchree: Split pea rice that can also be spelled “khichri” and/or ”kitchri.” 

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