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About Janet Naidu

Janet Naidu was born in Covent Garden, Guyana, but currently resides in Canada. She was raised alongside her dad, a cane cutter, her mom, produce vendor, and seven siblings. She has published three collections of poetry: Winged Heart (1999), Rainwater (2005), and Sacred Silence (2009). The poem highlighted on this website, “Buckets,” was taken from Rainwater. Her poetry conveys themes of femininity, language, displacement, and Indian culture. She has met the family of the late poet, Rajkumari Singh as part of her job as a secretary in Georgetown, Guyana. She takes inspiration from Singh's plays as well as the novels of Emily and Charlotte Bronte. Although her books are no longer in print, her work appears on numerous Guyanese blogs and websites. After moving to Canada in 1975, she obtained her degree from the University of Toronto. As the founder of the literary association, Pakaraima Writers, she continues to support and create spaces for rising Indo-Caribbean writers.


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