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Tracing the History of Hypervisible Silences: An Analysis of Black Queer Life at Lafayette College - Grayce Walker, Class of 2022, Lafayette College

Lafayette College, for many, is a safe haven. As a small college on top of the hill with Cur Non as the school motto, it has for years been a home for many students, a place to not only receive an intensive educational experience, but to also make memories, explore new passions, and build long lasting relationships. However, this idyllic view of Lafayette has often only been completely attainable by those that the college was created to serve: straight white men. As we know that Lafayette serves a multitude of individuals who do not fit neatly into this mold, this path will explore not only the ways in which Lafayette has come to acknowledge and support the emerging queer community, but the ways in which race and sexuality intersect with each other as well. This path aims to unearth the often “hidden” narratives of those that identify as both Black and queer, find connections in experiences across time, and begin to conceptualize the future of queer Black students at Lafayette.


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